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Here is just some of what we got up to last year.


St Joseph's children have been extremely sporty this year, embracing the Golden Mile, becoming expert sports leaders, competing in inter-house tournaments and competing outside of school in a variety of sports festivals and competitions across a wide range of activities and sports! We have been extremely proud of the progress made and enormous commitment shown by our pupils.

After competing in Level 2 competitions against fellow Poole Schools in Netball, Indoor Cricket and more recently tennis we have been successful and represented Poole in The Dorset Netball County Finals where we finished 4th in the county, and The Dorset Girl's U11 Indoor Cricket Final finishing 2nd in Dorset! We will be taking 4 pupils to compete in the Dorset County Tennis Final in the summer and wish our students the very best of luck!

July 2016: Our Sports Leaders made a successsful bid for £500 from the 'Bourne Valley Action Group' to provide a host of new play equipment for lunchtime play.

Bourne Valley Action Group

Our School Sports Leaders have received a cheque from Bourne Valley Action Group for £548. The Sports Leaders are pictured here with Heather Camfield and Sharon Planner from the Bourne Valley Committee. The Sports Leaders made the bid themselves. The Sports Leaders are going to use the money to purchase games equipment for playtimes.

Bethany is awarded a medal for being 5th in the Poole Park Run!

We are so fortunate at St Joseph's to have a number of students participating in the Poole Park Run at the weekends. Bethany came 5th and won this medal! Keep up the stamina, Super St Joseph's Students!

Quad Kids Athletics at Broadstone Middle School on Wednesday 15th June 2016

We had some fantastic children, who really tried their best, at the target throw, 600m race, standing long jump, 75m sprint and the shuttle relay. All the children participating had to do every activity and we had marvellous support from The Griffith's Family cheering us on! Well done to every competitor. Joana was the fastest at the 600m from St Joseph's and Filip was our top sprinter at the 75m. We are looking forward to trying hard again next week!

Emily is first Junior to finish Poole Park Run on June 4th 2016

Emily is one to watch as she finished the Poole Park run last weekend before anyone else. There were 600 juniors taking part! Huge Congratulations to Emily. Well Done!

St Joseph's Olympic Visit from Team GB, gymnast, Kelly Simm

We were very lucky to have the World Finalist Gymnast, Kelly Simm, at our school on Wednesday 8th June 2016. The picture featured is of our lovely Hedgehogs with Kelly Simm, who we very much hope will be representing Team GB at the Rio Olympics this summer. All of our children from Hedgehogs to Year 6 had a fabulous morning with Kelly and Leon, the school sports team Sportivator. Mr McDermott was impressed with our courteous attitude, determination to complete the circuit of activities, our questions and above all how truly inspired we felt from the visit. Watch the website to see more pictures and videos from the day in the coming weeks and also to hear if Kelly makes the team.

Poole Town Sports

A huge thank you to the children, who represented St Joseph's on Wednesday 8th June at the annual Poole Town Sports held at Oakdale Junior School. Mr Gardner, Mr Rowe, Miss Humber and Mrs Keohan were extremely proud of your determination, attitude, effort and resilience competing in the wide range of athletics. Well Done!

Our 1st Summer Half Term Cricket Inter-House Cricket Tournament

Years 1 to 6 always have an inter-house competition at the end of every half term, where possible. Owls, pictured above were brilliant, on only their 3rd inter-house tournament ever! In 4th place were St Theresa's with 210 points, 3rd were St Joseph's on 290 points, 2nd were St Bernadette's on 309 points and the winners, coming 1st place overall were St Francis with 314 points. Well done everyone!

A friendly game of cricket on a sunny May afternoon

We were fortunate to be invited to Bayden Powell for a game of cricket on Wednesday 25th May 2016. Both teams played well and St Joseph's learnt much about the game of Kwik cricket. Congratulations to Bayden Powell on winning both games and thank you for hosting a pleasant afternoon of cricket.

The Tri-Golf Tournament at Magna Academy on Thursday 26th May 2016

The Year 3 and 4 children from St Joseph's had a wonderful time at The Tri-Golf Tournament. The children were extremely well behaved, played well, were focused on the skills and really enjoyed the day! Mrs Keohan and Mrs Manston were very proud of them especially as ten of our children will be representing Poole at the Dorset County School Games on the 29th June. Well done St Joseph's!

The Girl's Cricket Tournament at Delph Woods on May 20th 2016

The Year 5 Team and the Year 6 Team made progress as the tournament went on throughout the day as they played other Poole Schools. Year 6 won a game and our Year 5 team came close missing out by 10 runs on one game and 11 on another. Mrs Casey and Mrs Keohan were impressed with the stamina and interest the girls displayed. Well Done!

The Year 3 & 4 Poole Schools Tennis Tournament

The children, who represented St Joseph's, were a credit to our school at the Poole Schools Year 3 & 4 Tennis Tournament held on Thursday 19th May 2016 in Poole Park. They played well, with an excellent attitude, and got better as the day progressed. They came 3rd after the play off in the final. Mrs Keohan was really proud of your determination. Well Done!

St Joseph's v Talbot Primary School

We were lucky enough to be invited to Talbot Primary School for a pre-tournament friendly on Monday 16th May 2016. It was a wonderful afternoon with both Talbot and St Joseph's winning a game. Well Done! Thank you to Mr Nowell-Usticke, he even brought the sunshine!

St Joseph's Year 6 Cricket Sqaud

The Year 6 Kwik Cricket Tournament held at Poole Grammar School really was a day of all seasons with sun, wind, cloud and a few spots of rain! However the inclement conditions did not put our St Joseph's boys off. After playing all the other Poole Schools, our Amber Team won all their games and were top of their group and our green Team played so well only missing out by a few runs against the other teams and on one occasion it was right down to the last over! There were fielding, bowling and batting highlights from both teams! Well Done! A special thank you to Mr Nowell-Usticke, Mr Fall, Mr James, Mrs Casey and Miss Humber for their support today!

The Kwik Cricket Festival held at Canford School on Monday 9th May 2016

Fifteen Year 3 students and fourteen year 4 students were fortunate to take part in the Kwik Cricket Festival where they worked on improving their batting, bowling and fielding during the morning. The children put the skills they learnt into action in games against and with other schools in the afternoon. Thank you to Rob Newton, the Dorset Development Coach and Gill Jones for organising the event and Mrs Casey, Miss Wellman, Miss Marzena and all the parents for supporting this opportunity for our children in the damp conditions! Mrs Keohan was very impressed with the progression displayed during the day. Well Done!

Dorset Winter Games

The children receiving their tee-shirts before taking part in the Dorset Winter Games Skills Activities on Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

St Joseph's and Ferndown represent Dorset

The children from St Joseph's and Ferndown represented Dorset at the Y-Ball festival hosted by Vince Golden, Y-Balls creator, on Saturday 30th April at Ferndown Leisure Centre. There were a group of children from Wiltshire and the competition was fierce! After all teams played each other, the teams were mixed with players from all teams joining together to play which was excellent fun and showcased the skills the children had been developing throughout the morning. Mrs Keohan, Miss Wellman and Miss James were very impressed with the attitude, skill and maturity of the children. We would like to thank all the parents for supporting the school on a weekend fixture and getting their children to and from the venue in addition to Vince for hosting such a super event. The children received certificates and medals and were a credit to our school. Well Done!

The Children representing St Joseph's against Poole Schools during 2016

These children have been putting to use the skills learnt in their games lessons and at Netball Club to represent St Joseph's in the Poole Schools Tournaments. Mrs Perring, Miss Wellman and Mrs Keohan are pleased with their progress. Well Done!

Dorset Winter Games

Some of the children from Year 3 & 4 were lucky enough to take part in a multi-festival at the 2016 Dorset School Games held at Leaf Academy on Wednesday 23rd March 2016. Mrs Keohan would like to thank Mr Canham, for all his support and the children for displaying the Dorset School Games values, Teamwork, Self-Belief, Determination, Respect, Passion and Honesty. Well done everyone!

The Year 5 & 6 Girls Footballat Talbot Primary School

During the tournament Kady, the team captain, scored at hatrick! Lily scored 3 in different games and was superb in defence.Holly scored an equaliser and everyone contributed to a really enjoyable afternoon of football! Well Done Girls!

St Edward's Students, some of them old St Joseph's pupils, came to work with Foxes on March 16th 2016

Foxes enjoyed an afternoon of sporting activities delivered by P.E students at St Edward's. Mrs Keohan, Miss Wellman and Miss Marsh from St Edward's were thrilled with the skill and enthusiasm shown by all pupils.

The Year 3 children went to a multi-skills event held at Bournemouth University on Friday 11th March 2016

What a fantastic day the children from St Joseph's had with the students studying sport at the University! They got stuck in and performed all the tasks set to a high standard and enjoyed every second! Miss James, Miss Marzena and Mrs Keohan were impressed. Well Done!

The Year 4 Teams, who represented St Joseph's, at the Yr 4 Football Tournament held at Talbot Primary School on Thursday 10th March 2016

Mrs O'Donoghue, Mrs Keohan and Mr Shaw were extremely proud of all of the children who played some skilful football and never gave up in all their games. Well Done!

The Year 5 Football Tournament on Thursday 3rd March 2016

Mr Rowe and Mrs Keohan were impressed with the skill shown by the Year 4 and 5 students who played well at the football Tournament held at Talbot Primary School. Well Done!

Community Sports Trust Premier League Cup on Tuesday 1st March

The children, who represented St Joseph's, at the 6 a-side football held at the Littledown Sports Centre on Tuesday played beautiful football. They created goals, were excellent in defence and above all played as a team with an exceptional attitude. They lost in the semi-final by 1 goal however they displayed true St Joseph's spirit. Very Well Done!

The Yr 5 & 6 Girls Indoor Cricket Tournament

The St Joseph's girls played well and made progress on the skills they have been targeting at cricket club on a Tuesday morning. Mrs Keohan was impressed with their friendly approach and attitude to the game and other schools taking part. Well done!

Poole Schools Tag-Rugby Tournament

The children, who represented St Joseph's, attending the Tag-Rugby Tournament on Thursday 24th February were a wonderful group. They had determination and skill and improved as a team throughout the day! Well done!

Year 5 Netball at Oakdale on Thursday 11th February 2016

Mrs Perring and Miss Wellman took the 2 Year 5 netball teams to the Poole School's Tournament where 1 team finished 6th place and 1 team came 3rd place. A wonderful result and a wonderful afternoon of netball in the beautiful sunshine. Well done St Joseph's netballers!

Multi-skills at St Edward's took place on Tuesday 26th January 2016

Miss Wellman and Mrs Hardwick were very proud of all the children who represented St Joseph's at this event. Well done!

Lacrosse at St Joseph's